Online Counseling

I am willing to share my Eldering energy with any man who feels called to communicate with me directly. I would be an Elder counselor with a license as a clinical counselor and a willingness to share Elder energy.

I do online and phone counseling. Online counseling can be through Skype, FaceTime, or email. Those interested can email me first to set up a phone or online appointment. The first consultation is an opportunity for a man to feel if there is a connection and resonance with my message and energy, and is free. The Elder connection is very personal and synchronous, so this process takes discernment. If there is an emerging connection, I can offer ongoing Elder counseling for a fee based on a sliding scale, which I provide on request. Payment can be made through Paypal or mailed check.

Email me at Larry@christoscenter.com if you have questions or want to know more about this process. I will get back to you.